To Soroush

Wednesday, February 18, 2003

I have a test in two hours but writing this was just inevitable; I had to answer Soroush.  I never said I am against sex, having sex, having a crush, wanting to have sex, premaritial sex, hymen reattachment surgery, homosexuality, biosexuality, sleeping around, so on and so forth!  In fact, I am hardly against anything!  If people choose to live that way and are happy like that, all powers to them!  I may not do it myself (and if you wanna know why refer to my Friday's post), but it's a free country!  And I don't remember ever saying that I don't want to have sex.  In fact, in my Friday's post, I admitted that I do have sexual feelings and desires. I just don't know how to employ them.  I remember saying that I am antisexual, or asexual, but then I defined it as someone who doesn't know how to use her sexual desires correctly.  Lust, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is defined as "intense or unrestrained sexual craving," and "licentious craving, sexual appetite." Worse, in the thesaurus, it's compared with "animalism."  Considering these are the definitions for lust, I wouldn't call my sexual desires lustful!  I use sex as an expression of affection, not aphrodisia, this doesn't mean that I don't have any longing and craving towards the people I like to have sex with, but affection is number one element; it's the key!  I don't know if you meant these by lust, but next time look in the dictionary before throwing words at people!

PS. Aside from this! I don't need to bring people any reason for not looking for lust! If I say I am not, that's sufficient answer!

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اول.... گير نده ما اينگيليشی بلد نيستيم !! ... تبليغ !!!! اين فقط اطلاع رسانی بود نوکرتم !...موفق باشی و شاد !


I find your pro sleeping -around policy quite intriguing and would like to join your club. given that we're both living in the same state, maybe we can advance your pro-sex platform. :-) k.s.


Ok I think there was a big misunderstanding (on my side) about this whole LUST thingie. I personally never looked up the word,and thats why I always thought of it as desire for having intercourse( which is obviously alot different that either your or marriam webster's definition). so BIG sorry for that. I think from now on I need to look my comments over prior to bringing it up. plz accept my apology, still friends??? :)


of course if you are not attracted to someone forget about it. but i have experienced that a certain level of admiration and attraction settles in with people that we befriend, and then, if you find yourself falling for the guy, at least you know that you can stand him more than an hour each month. on that note, make friends with as many guys as you can, worse possible case you find out they are a bunch of jack asses (with a shock no doubt)) and end your friendship. anyhow, that is more than i intended to say.انشاء الله به عشقت برسی.


Dear shahrzad joon, Maybe one thing you should have learned from your medical leave was that sometimes in life, things happen that are not in our hands, and no matter what you do, there is nothing you can do to change it. so accept it and be happy. not to say that you shouldn't try harder, but i mean the whole medical leave thing, what could you do? hold a gun to their head and say accept me back or else??? I'd like to know how that'd work. another issue is that you should give people the benefit of a doubt. and by that i'm not saying that you should go out with some idiot just coz he deserves a chance, but if you see an ok guy who doesn't come across as smart give him a chance, maybe he ends up being..


You are not the only one...


who doesn't know how to employ his/her sexual feelings....