Monday, February 14, 2004

Time for a bit of what is generally known as "controversy"...a word which follows me like a last name.

We were sitting in the common-room, and comme d'habitude, I was complaining about my lifestyle.  Trying to console me, Tvo, who happens to say the weirdest things sometimes (pretty close to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time), said, "You know we all love you,... I mean you are so pretty and sexy girl!...I mean, really...when I see you it makes me wanna masterbate..." A moment of absolute silent .... Niki burst into laughter... And I, with a face that exhibited a medley of astonishment, awkwardness, and disgust, responded, "eeeeehh...I am confused...does that mean you are homo? Or do I look like a man???..."

The picture above is a masterpiece by Salvador Dali titled "The Great Masterbator."  One of my favorites. Study the picture carefully, see what you get out of it.

10.gif!!HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!07.gif

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wow! this picture is absolutely amazing! good mind practice:) forget what your friend said... people say weird things all the time happy vday 4 u 2


سلام گ گ اين رفيقت شاهکاره !!! عتيقه س !!! اما جالب ترش بنظر من سوال توبود ...!!! جدی که نگرفتيش ؛ ها ...؟


اختيار داری دوست جون:) شما با اين طرز فکر و شعرهای قشنگی که ميذاری اينجا معلومه که بزنم به تخته خيلی با معلوماتی:)


good respond actually. and by the way I have been gazing at the masterpiece for quite some time and I still have no exposition for it. please interpret