The things I am learning here in FL

Friday, February 27, 2004

(This is a picture of the University of FL)

Apparently, we missed Soroush somewhere in the action too!  I had a realization! Now I know why the people who go to MIT and Wellesley go to MIT and Wellesley.  You can tell what type of school you are going to by looking at the casual on campus magazines!  Aside from The Tech and Wellesley News, which are the news magazines at MIT and W, we had something called Counterpoint, which was a joint magazine between Wellesley and MIT, which was basically invented for student's BS's! From articles about FirstClass addiction (Firstclass, is something that connects all the computers around Wellesley's campus together and has ten billion forums!) to articles about which frat house has better parties, you could read in counterpoint.  I even remember reading an article called something like The Info You Rather Not Know, which taught me what percent of the weight of the pillow I sleep on is mosquito poop, and about the tiny individuals that live around the root of my lashes, and other informations such!  Now here at UF, other than Alligator, their news magazine, they have a magazine called Campus Talk, which is 100% dedicated to SEX! I knew that Wellesley is the third sex deprived campus in the country, so what is this all about!????  

I had two midterms today. Yeah! I am taking two classes and both of my midterms should be on the same day!  I probably screwed up on both (meaning that I wouldn't get an A++!) (Shoot! I have been doing so much programming lately, that when I wrote A++, involunteerily I started thinking about incrementing the value of A inside an imaginary loop!)  I aslo had to turn in a programming assignment today. It consisted of a section where we were given 4 programs with errors and we had to fix them, and 3 programs that we had to write.  Me, and a bunch of guys from the class, wrote two of the programs together but the last program was so impossibly hard, there was no way we could get anywhere with it, so we just asked one of the girls from the class to give us a copy of hers and she hadn't completed it either! So the guys called a friend of theirs asking her to send it for us, and now I am waiting for her email! One thing I certainly learned here at the U of FL: cheating04.gif!

اينو فارسی می گم: بابا يکی به اين شهری پشت درياها سر بزنه!

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looks like you have been enjoying the new environment at U of FL which as far as I understand from your sayings and contents of Campus Talk , is somewhat a party school. Even though I can assure you that it can stand no where close to my school, ASU as far as party schools are concerned. (to give you a little sense of it, I can later on tell you about some of the professors getting drunk on campus or maybe the invention of butt shorts which took place here for the very first time Speaking of cheating, kids here at ASU normally cheat in more professional ways than just copying someone else's homework, among which, taking photos of exam questions using built-in cameras of cellphones is among the newest methods.


بابا دانشگاه های اونجا هم خوشگله ... ما يه دانشگاه داريم خفن اَه اَه ... !


ٌWhat is the first sex deprived campus in USA!!!???? hmmm. its just getting interesting


گفتم یه سری به دوستای قدیمی بزنم ........... کلاقرمزی