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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Yeah yeah,

It's past midnight again and here I am with a mind full of BS sitting behind the laptop trying to squeeze my brain, maybe I could find something to write.  This Farsi vs. English typing has seriously impared my speed; I keep mispelling stuff!  Anyway.

A dear friend had secretly read this website and complemented me on my translation from French to English; yoohoo, I am so elated.

In my previous blog, Maahpishooni,I slightly touched on a certain subject I would like to write about here.  Why aren't there any scholarships available for Iranian students?  When I chose the colleges I wanted to apply to, ofcourse my parents can't pay 40 thousand dollars tuition of a New England private school, so I looked for scholarships online.  And the bottom line is, my ethnic, talent, military, etc. backgrounds didn't fit in any of the scholarship categories.  In short, there are no scholarships for Iranians.  WHY? There are numerous scholarships for Latino's and Asians. How come?  Who are these Iranian millionaires who live in San Fransisco and Long Island? I don't know, but whomever they are, they are stingy and ignorant enough not to contribute any money for education!  It's interesting I thought Iranians care a lot for education, well here we go. How do you think Harvard, Princeton and MIT function? On people's contributions, ofcourse.  All the financial aid, and fellowships these colleges give their students come from people's (majorly alumni) contribution. Basically guys, It sucks, big time!  Gosh, feshaaram raft baalaa asabaani shodam...eh!12.gif 

Yesterday, I found out who my roommate will be at Wellesley.  She is from FL too, and her name is Brandy.  She is a French major, yaaaaaaaaaaay, we can speak French together.

Ok guys, I have to go to bed now.01.gif


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