Of Science and Women

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I got to learn about Carrie Bradshaw and her column in the Star last night.  Khorshidkhanoom and Globecitizen invited us over to watch the first season of  Sex and the City with them last night.  We were up 'til 4:30 am watching. Gosh, this show is addictive, and I am happy to announce that Sex  became my favorite TV-show.  Alas, I am a little late; the past season was it's last!  The show is a satire, portraying the problems women face in our society.  Telling the lifestory of four successful single women in an exaggerated fashion, rediculing the stereotypes and the unspoken laws we all hate, yet abide because we dare make a stand against.  And in a nutshell, what women go through when men have no clue!  I suggest all men see the show.  Yet, one thing Sex doesn't show is the universal stereotype about women scientists. I have realized that being a woman scientist in the US, doesn't not give you the title "smart".  The smart women portrayed on TV are business executives, or Lawyers, and if there is a scientist woman mentioned in a story, she is either the main character or is cut out of the movie, but either way she is delineated to be a nerdish, asexual, malhumored person, with no sense of style and no taste in fashion, art, or life as a whole.   Why?  The answer is obvious, most people think women scientists are boring, nerdish and ugly, they don't have what it takes to make a woman interesting, so who would want to watch a show about them?  I have hardly seen a movie or TV-show to which's characters I could relate! I understand, no one wants to watch a show about a person who isn't special in any sense, but what outrages me is that we aren't boring, narrow and characterless.  Most of us are pretty, stylish, artistic, sexy and fashionable too.  Actually, now that I am thinking, Sex did show this stereotype, in a very twisted way though, by completely cutting science and scientists out of the storyline.  There is no scientist among the group of friends, because science has no place among people with a life.  Scientists aren't after love, art, sex, books, money or anything that makes a person a person!  And no normal person would make friends with a scientist!  Not our favorite characters: Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte, at least. 

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so yorue considering yourself a woman scientist?? ineteresting


I kind of like "sex and the city" too, Carrie is my favorite


Thank god this ridiculous show is over, I hated it but my sister is still a big fan of it. I'd rather to watch Tom & Jerry but not an episode of that exacting show.