A Speck of Philosophy

Monday, March 1, 2004

(A favorite painting: The School of Athens)

For the first 20 years of my life, I somehow missed the critical questions in life, I denied myself the pleasure of thinking about them for hours at a time, and I managed to answer all the questions I had about how the world works with my half-ass knowledge!  To be more precise, I always saw things differently, but it was never considered this aberrant (to the ordinary standards).  I thought if I study mathematics I will be able to prove anything, and then I am invincible!  Little did I know that I may be able to prove the existance of God using logic, or show that there are life forms on the 11th dimension using algebra, but I can't answer the easy questions a three year old girl may ask me one day!  It wasn't until I was already 20 that I realized that the smartest people in the world can't answer the simplest questions in life and aren't least interested in the world affairs!  I mean why do we go to school? Why do we receive an education?  Isn't it supposed to help us live a better life and to make us want to make the world a better place?  Or is that just the cliche answer we give people to sound sophisticated?  But I still can't understand, and probably never will, why is it that people need a reason to care about each other?!!!!!  Why is it that people love* certain people and not just everybody unconditionally? Why do we need to have a reason to be nice or to wanna give?  What determines who we love or care for?  Is it not normal to want to share your happiness with just anybody? If it is, then why is it that you can't wanna share your sadness with the same people? And if it isn't, then what is the definition of normal? Is normal what the majority does? Then cheating on your partner should be the most normal thing!  Why is it that we spend so much energy hating people, humiliating people, judging people.... Is it just to make us feel better? Why wouldn't it make us feel even better to put our energy to some positive use, to lend a hand!?  Am I the only person who feels better when she does things for people?  Then we pay so much money to councelors to listen to us, to act like they care for us; people who don't know zilch about us!  I just don't understand!  If we could give one compliment a day ( in addition to the ones we already give) or try to love, develop a positive feeling toward, or at least smile at one person unconditionally... !  World is such a weird place!  We praise and sell beauty, yet we destroy the biggest beauty, the nature.  And we have the nature lying out there for free, then we sell or pay to mend it's replica (artworks)!

Attention: The thesis isn't the same old trite: care for each other, the thesis is: why do we not care for each other!! There is a big difference.  The author isn't asking the readers to do anything, but she is posing a question.

* note that love here refers to the general feeling of love between people, as in the love between friends, and it's different from being in love with someone.

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سلام دوست عزيز ايام شهادت سرور و سالار شهيدان رو به شما تسليت ميگم در ضمن وبلاگ خوبی داری خوشحال ميشم بيايی اونورا


سلام خوبی من فقط از اينها يه لووشو فهميدم يه سکسشو :))


Love the pics you put up. now my turn to learn how to put up pics


سلام...مرسی که به وبلاگ من سر زدی وببخشين که اينقدر دير جواب دادم...در مورد سوالی که پرسيدی بايد بگم که فعلا وبلاگم چيز جديدی نداره و نميتونم بنويسم. . . . .راستی چطور ديگه فارسی نمي نويسی؟


بابا فارسی بنويس. جالب تر بود.


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