ME: A research wiz!

Friday, March 5, 2004

Hi all! We are on the verge of springbreak.  My mom, sister and I are going to Louisville, KY to visit my sister for the breaks. It's extremely hot here and I can hardly believe that spring hasn't started yet! Wait, that's true! So how come our spring break is before the spring!????  For the spring break, my linear algebra prof is going to Harvard and MIT for two seminars.  After the quiz today, he asked me what I have planned for the rest of my college career.  In specific, he asked me if I am graduating soon, and I said no.  Then I continued, I am a transient student on a leave from another college, and he asked which school and I told him. Then he said, "Where are you planning to go for grad school?" and I replied, "Hopefully Harvard or MIT, but why do you ask!?" and he said he would like to do research with me 11.gif! I thought you have to go beggin' teachers  and do extracurricular favors so that maybe they waitlist you for their researches and now I was officially invited in this realm, the realm of cool reseach wiz'! 

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اين يک جمله‌ی رسمی بود.والا زير آسمان خدا هيچ‌چيز تازه‌ای وجود ندارد....


سلام.چه وبلاگ باحالی.ميخواد درباره چی تحقيق کنه؟ تو قبول کردی؟ اينجا تو آبادان هم هوا گرم شده.يک تابستون زودرس.از آشناييت خوشحال شدم.


can u check your email please


چرا فارسی ديگه نمی نويسی؟؟؟ قهر قهر تا روز قيامت.


خانومی من که ديگه نميفهمم چی ميگی؟ دلت مياد؟ :(((((((( من گريمه


سلام.. اين اولين باره که وبلاگ شما رو می خونم.. راستش يه کمی شوکه شدم... اما خيلی خوبه که انگليسی می نويسين... واسه تقويت زبان خوبه!!‌ ;) ... مطلب روز ۱۱ اسفندتون هم خيلي جالب بود... باز هم بهتون سر مي زنم... شما هم اگه لطف كنين و سري بزنين خوشحالم مي كنين :)