Is real analysis really so real?

خوشحال شدم ازدواج همجنس بازها در ماساچوستز ازاد شد! اين مملکت هيچ چيز ديگه که نداره حداقل بذارين اين ازادی که اينقدر فريادشو می زنن رو ارائه بده!

And in case you haven't realized, I am totally disgusted by the people (from any race, culture, religion, cult etc.) who categorize others by their sexual preferances!  As we all claim sex is just another human need, just like eating. Right? Then how come we don't classify people by what they like to eat!? Yeah we say vegetarian or vegan, but there is really no personal bias attached to it! Are all vegetarians idiots or perverts?  What happened to the seperation of church and state? Besides love is just a feeling people can't control who it's towards! Why should the society tells us who to love? If this is really a free country you should be able to marry a rock if you want!  I was gonna elaborate a little more, but I have to go! Oh by the way,  Let me make sure no mathematicin is watching before I say this15.gif: all this time I thought real analysis means "this is real and the other analyses are bogus" well I figured it means analysis in the real field!  Also, to soroush, take the foundations class, I'll tell you more later!

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I, myself, have no objection to homosexual marraige, but just think of those poor kids who will be fostered by homosexuals. Is it fare to let them raise kids. Did you like to have a male mother??? have you ever noticed what is the difference between female mother and male father, specially mother. Freedom is one thing and society and reality another


wow I'm with you on this issue... :) :D