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Monday, February 16, 2004

از سوسک سياه به خرمگس از سوسک سياه به خرمگس صدای منو می شنوی؟

بعد از خوندن يادداشتها و شنيدن حرف اين و اوون من به يه نتيجه ای رسيدم که اينجا به انگليسی می نويسم.

Instead of focusing on the issue and trying to solve it, most Iranians think that degrading someone's problem and diverting the problemed person's attention from the problem to "more important things in life" helps.  If I have a problem, telling me that my problem is no problem doesn't solve my problem!  It just suppresses my problem and make it backlash at me some other place, later.  People's problems are mostly the product of the imagination of their brains. Your thinking you have a problem is what determines whether you do have a problem or not!  And our brain is so strong it can fool us into believing anything, even if it's not true or impossible (read the Feeling Good Handbook by Dr. Burns).  However, I agree with Soroush. I need to get over my fear of how I would look in other people's eyes and become more spontaneous. But the chemistry matters a lot to me! I can't get very close to people I don't feel chemically related with! And I am not looking for lust! If I were, well for people my age, it's all over the place!  But, how is it that you can suddenly care about someone you don't really know? What is this chemistry and what determines it? Is it really related to the sequence of the proteins in the DNA? Interesting question for a PhD research, huh?

Talking about PhD, my dude got his PhD when he was 2304.gif!  He was a child prodigy and could do college level mathematics in middle school so they hired him a tutor from Columbia U.

بابا ما ول معطليم! من bachelors مو در ۲۳ سالگی بگيرم خيلی هنر کرده ام! احساس خنگی بهم دست داد! خبر جديد اينکه يه معلم انگليسی داشتم که کلاسی به اسم Writing about literature درس می داد. هميشه شعرها و متنهايی رو از کتاب انتخاب می کرد که در مورد sex و homosexuality و cross dressing و اينها بود ("ie. the poem "Sex Without Love," and the play  "Mme Butterfly). اصلا ادم عجيبی بود. يه بار بهمون يه پروژه انشا داده بود و يه نمونه که خودش نوشته بود بهمون داد و در مورد يه شاگردی بود که دنبالش می کرد و دست از سرش بر نمی داشت.  و هی می گفت که من تلفنم رو از توی phone book بر داشتم که کسی مزاحمم نشه!!! حالا پير بودا! يعنی بچه همسن ما ها داشت! قبلا يه بار ازدواج کرده بود و الان شنيدم که دوباره داره ازدواج می کنه!

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سلام...آقا توپ بود البته من يکمش رو فهميدم:پی ......چون منکر مرگست او گويد که اجل کوکو.........مرگ آيدش از شش سو گويد که منم اينک موفق باشی منهم آپديت کردم يا علی


سلام !!! اولا مرسی ....بعد هم نبينم توهين کنی ها ! من ۲۳ سالمه و ترم آخرم...لعنت به اين آمريکای خراب شده.....اااااه ...ملت رفتند دکتر شدند؛ شوهر کردند؛ بچه دار هم شدند و ما هنوز اندر خم همان کوچه مانده ايم ! شايعه اينه که ما وضعمون بهتره !!! خدا داند !


امان از اين درس و امتحان و فارغ التحصيل شدن. من که رو دست همه شماها بلند شدم. هيچ نگران نباشيد. کاملا با حرف سارا موافقم. حقا که هميشه حرفهامون يکی است و نظراتمون مثل هم. ای ول... شاد و خوش باشی شهرزاد جان.


وااای من پس چی بگم ۵ سال ديگه مونده من درسم تموم بشه!:(((


Ok I gave up on the chemistry thing an all that, most probably you fall under the category of "people who dont click easily" (that was sooo made-up) however,im not pleased to announce that your justifications on you-not-looking-for-lust were unsensible(at least from my viewpoint).No offense but I guess its just another bad side effect of reading those "good feeling" books too much. I mean sex life is something totally natural and is not evitable whichsoever. If it were no so, why would you think God created it