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To the readers

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Interesting! Ordinarily, I write for general public, in farsi, and I don't get any comments! When I write in English to Soroush, I get 6!  So I thought I write this one to the readers.

First of all to Ayalaa: I don't remember complaining about being on the medical leave in the past month or so! And I didn't see the relationship between that and falling in love with a genius!  And your argument about giving people the benefit of a doubt was quite redundant! I talked about that in last Friday's post and persiangirl gave a good response to it! Also, if you react that way toward people (the way you described), I don't! People aren't alike, and no matter how hard I try, I'll just make myself more miserable by trying to be something I am not.  But thanks for writing anyways! How are you doing? You haven't been writing for ages!

To Kaveh: Well I wanted to answer you with a wisecrack, and I came up with some stuff. Choose as you like:  1) (Great pick up line!!!!) Nice Try! 2) Dude, what have I been babbling about all this time? I am in love and I can't fall out of it! And you are suggesting sex now? 3) Hmmm...you may wanna send me some of those "suggestive photos" of yours. 4) If you have been following the news (in my blog that is) I am currently on a medical leave in FL and not MA.  Because I wanted to kill myself (called the suicide hotline), or at least that's what they thought! Are you still interested? 5) You are an interesting guy (I didn't even know you read my blog). I would like to at least meet you when I am back at Wellesley. Maybe we could do something productive together, and we can talk and decide about advancing my (and your) pro-sex platform then. 6) I thought you have a girlfriend!? Though that never stopped a desperate man!

To Soroush: Hey man! I don't hold grudges against people! Ofcourse we are friends! Peace out!

And just to have a picture on this post, I'll put on another picture of this DUDE, so that you guys don't forget how he looks like (yeah right):

He is explaining how parallel universes can be similar to slices of bread.  Out of the 4 forces of nature, 3 are like jam and peanut butter; they stick to each universe. But gravity is like sugar. The same way sugar slides off the slice of bread, gravity can leak between universes. That's how we can use it to communicate with other universes, and that's why gravity is so small in comparison with the other forces!

Ghesse goo

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